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Excellent animation and action. You did a wonderful job with the combat and story to this one. I guess the only downside is that it's decently short.

funny but the thought of such a horrible plot makes me shutter

this movie now brings manly tears to my eyes this was the first movie i ever saw on this site back in 03' when i was 8 i thought it was the most epic thing ever created and it still is

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I love this game

Like all of your games this one is amazing but short. However the amazingness outweighs the short aspect. Also i like the Alice is Dead reference

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much! Also I was hoping some people would catch the Alice references.

i can't figure out how to work it

The game doesn't work and on top of that its all in spanish

SweetDreamsSlip responds:

Is not a game, and is in portuguese >.<

I will remove it, I uploaded so my friends could use

This is the best game i have ever played

amazing you sir win beyond epic actually beyond beyond epic i think my head will explode from all of this win also how do you take a screenshot

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A truly amazing song i'd consider this to be a new gem within the audio portal the piano and tecno go well together but still manage to make the song sad based you sir truly are amazing

DJmadalrian responds:

Thanks!! Im glad someone likes it!

this is by far the best song from nexus it truly is amazing in both it's fun to listen to and it really does set the atmosphere for the fact that sanford and diemos really have to watch the hell out for bullets great job sir i know it's been said before but if it wasn't for your amazing songs madness wouldn't nearly be as good as it is now

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much!!! I tried to make this one have the "feel" of urgency and destruction with a little bit of hope mixed in for good measure. Madness is awesome and I'm honored to be a part of it! You rock!

oh cheshyre is there any song you can't make amazing

cheshyre responds:

Definitely. I keep those songs for myself... Thank you so much!!!

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